Griselda Pollock

Art Historian and Feminist Cultural Theorist

Griselda Pollock is Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art at the University of Leeds. Trained as an historian and art historian with an initial focus on nineteenth century European modernity, she also works in cultural and film studies. Known for her longstanding work reshaping art history to acknowledge the creativity of women and artists from across all cultures, her major books include Old Mistresses: Women, Art & Ideology  (1981 and 2013) and Vision and Difference (1988 and 2003) and Differencing the Canon: Feminist Desire and the Writing of Art’s Histories (1999) she has most recently completed two monographs: Charlotte Salomon and the Theatre of Memory (Yale 2018) and The Case against “Van Gogh” (Thames & Hudson 2018). She also writes on contemporary art and creates exhibitions such as Art in the Time-Space of Memory and Migration; Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and Bracha Ettinger in the Freud Museum (Freud Museum and Wild Pansy Press, 2013). She is currently writing a feminist analysis of Marilyn Monroe.


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